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Padded Tortoise Armor Tortoise Armor (Racoon) Category Worth Properties

Level 2

Warrior, Hunter, Inventor

Armor 10 Gold

+ ?? Armor

+ heat/ second - ??% Powerhit Damage

Tortoise Armor (Racoon) provides medium amount of armor and Power Hit reduction along with some heat regain. It can be used by all Trolls. The heat gain can be increased by adding 2 Linen cloth. Adding the Giant Tortoise Shell restricts the coat to level 2.


Building Result Composite Resources Basic Resources Source

Fur CoatRacoon Fur Coat

2 Racoon Fur Racoon
BTNSpiritLodgeTannery Deer HideAntelope Leather Antelope
RopeRope Tinder2 Tinder Basic Crafting

Padded Tortoise Armor Tortoise Armor (Racoon)

Giant Shell Giant Tortoise
RopeRope Tinder2 Tinder Basic Crafting

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