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As you come closer to the rock you can make out white markings covering the surface from one side to the other. Quite a handful of travellers must have left notes here for others to find.

One of these scribbles catches your attention, it has left a deep mark in the surface. The skillful writing must have been done by someone using gavuring tools:


ICCup game server
JTR community in ICCup: channel op JTTR

SNG (CIS) > Russia > Russia RPG Room 02
South America > Brazil > Brazil RPG Room 05
garena group id: 34378

Hamachi network: JUNGLETROLLS
Password: 1

Northrend (Europe)

You are sure there is something odd about these letters, but you can't quite put a finger on it.
If you are done staring at the inscription you can go on reading or leaving your own scribble..

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