Look 'ere, mon. Make da tiny rope sparkle and throw at fishies! KABOOM!
 And troll's happy with lotsa fishies yum!



LVL Health Energy Strength Speed Stamina HP/s MP/s
1 200 200 13 13 13 0.12 -0.48
+1 +3 +5 +1 +1 +1 +0.01 +0.01

Sharp and quick mind put to a practical use. Employs mechanics and explosives to create strange devices and weapons. Best in dealing mass damage. Can invent hidden item recipes useful to the whole tribe. Able to use powerful guns, explosives and some unique mechanical weapons. Inventors can use items up to item level 2.

Dismount Building allows to dismantle owned buildings and to be able to build them anywhere else.

Make an Invention! allows to invent powerful crafting recipes, that can be used in the Inventor's workshop to craft unique items..

Advanced Lore allows to use guns and explosives and strange rune stones throughout the jungle.

Common Inventor names: Zul'Vami, Zol-Natir, Kul-Dranor, Gad-Proklet, Me'Ur.

Abilities: Stumble Upon (passive) Runspeed: 210 (+3 /lvl)
Craft (Inventor) (C) Damage: 10 - 16 (Troll)
Achievements (V) Atkspeed: 2.0 seconds
Dismount Building (Q)


0 (Troll)

Make an Invention! (W)


Panic (E) Food: 200
Rest (R) Heat: 125

Starting Item:

Jtr gun or Jtr gun or BTNRepair
Gun (Inv) Shotgun (Inv) Repair Hammer (lvl 1)