"You think me stupid 'mon? 
       Me does not simply walk into Tarantula's Nest."



LVL Health Energy Strength Speed Stamina HP/s MP/s
1 200 200 15 20 10 0.15 -0.5
+1 +3 0 +1 +2 0 +0.01 0.00

Agile, cunning and subtle. Best survivor among the trolls, best in hunting beasts and finding resources in the jungle. Uses traps, bows and stealth to surprise his prey. Can tame animals and has unique pets which can earn experience in battles. Hunters can use items up to item level 3.

Stealth enables him to become invisible, moving slowly in the shadows.

Beast Taming allows hunter to get a pet, to catch baby animals and to make them his servants.

Survival Lore gives better night vision and bonus to eating raw meat and sleeping in the wild.

Common Hunter names: Bi-Oeng, Gryllz' Bear, Lag-Ga, Ba-Bai, Sem-Dark 'Niss, Inh-Per, Drea'N-Vader, Zul-I'Grub, Dang Er'Boye, Nalm'Deth.

Abilities: Stumble Upon (passive) Runspeed: 220 (+6 /lvl)
Craft (Hunter) (C) Damage: 10 - 18 (Troll)
Achievements (V) Atkspeed: 2.0 seconds
Tame Animal (Q)


0 (Troll)

Move through the Shadows (W)


Panic (E) Food: 250
Rest (R) Heat: 100

Starting Item:

BTNINV Misc QuestionMark-S or Jtr bow or Jte fur boots
Obsidian Spear (lvl 2) Bow (Hun) Sabretooth Fur Boots (lvl 1)