Buildings in Jungle Trolls Reborn:

Structure HP Resources used Size Inv
Boat 120 1x Giant Tortoise Shell, 2x Wood 2x2 6
Catapult 100 1x Engine, 2x Bronze Bar, 2x Wood 2x2 1
Cauldron 150 1x Oil, 1x Wood, 1x Stone, 1x Flint 2x2 4
Forge 150 1x Oil, 3x Flint 2x2 4


150 1x Tinder, 1x Stone, 1x Flint 2x2 1

Hunter's Tannery

300 2x Pig Skin, 3x Wood, 4x4 4
Inventor's Workshop 300 3x Wood, 3x Stone 4x4 4
Land Mine 1x Bronze Bar, 2x Black Powder 2x2 0
Net Trap 2x Rope 4x4 0
Pet's Den 150 2x Wood, 1x Stone 2x2 0
Rock Trap 2x Wood, 1x Rope 4x4 1
Siege Tower 100 1x Engine, 3x Wood 2x2 1
Shaman's Voodoo Hut 300 1x Rope, 4x Wood 4x4 4
Spiked Trap 3x Wood, 2x Bone 2x2 0
Spiked Trap, Improved Quest (Black Piranhias) 2x2 0
Stockage Barrel 100 1x Wood 2x2 6
Stone Wall 200 1x Stone 2x2 0
Tent (Bear) 100 1x Bear Fur, 1x Wood 2x2 4
Tent (Pig) 100 1x Pig Skin, 1x Wood 2x2 4
Tent (Sabretooth) 100 1x Sabretooh Fur, 1x Wood 2x2 4
Torch 50 1x Oil, 1x Wood
Totem 200 3x Wood, 1x Manastone 2x2 1
Totem of Horror 75 1x Skull, 1x Stone 1x1 0
Tower, Watch- (lvl 1) 100 3x Wood 2x2 1
Tower (lvl 2) 200 Upgrade, 1x Stone 2x2 1
Tower (lvl 3) 300 Upgrade, 1x Stone 2x2 1
Tower (lvl 4) 400 Upgrade, 1x Stone 2x2 1
Trolls Hut 300 1x Pig Skin, 2x Wood, 2x Stone 2x2 6
Warrior's Armory 300 4x Stone, 2x Flint 4x4 4
Voodoo Merchant 300 3x Wood, 1x Stone 4x4 6

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