A pair of boots made of pig leather that have been covered with bronze scales to provide additional armor.

Bronze Boots of Haste Bronze Pig Leather Boots Category Worth Properties

Level 1

All Trolls


11 Gold

+ 3 Armor

+ 30 Runspeed

Bronze Pig Leather Boots can be created in the Voodoo Hut, they can be used by all Trolls. They can be upgraded in the Voddoo Hut to double the speed bonus. For other classes different Bronze Boots (lvl 1-4) can be created.


Building Result Composite Resources Basic Resources Source

Leather BootsPig Leather Boots

Pig SkinPig Skin Pig
RopeRope Tinder2 Tinder Basic Crafting
BTNForgeArmory Bronze BootsBronze Pig Boots Bronze1 Bronze Bar FlintStone1 Flint + 1 Stone BTNMetallurgyForge

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