Level HP MP Damage Atkspd. Armor Runspeed XP
1 20 500 1-3 1 0 200 10

Big Hairy, Poisonous Spider....Yeurk !! i hate Spiders.
Drops 1 Weak Poison (lvl 1).

Stumble Upon Unit can detect hidden units within 125 range
Hide in the Shadows Unit is able to meld into the shadows and hide
Poisonous Sting (lvl 1) Deals 1 Dmg/s for 50 seconds and
slows movement & attack speed by 10%
Aqu./Atk.Range 200/50
Vision D/N 800/800
Carnivore Unit gains positive effects from meat and bones
Inventory (1) Unit can hold its prefered food
Resurrectable Unit can be turned into a Zombie Black Widow

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